Cookies Policy


1. Definition and function of cookies

What are cookies? A cookie is a file that downloads onto your computer when you access certain webpages. Among other functions, these cookies allow a webpage to store and recover information about the browsing habits of users or their equipment and, depending on the information they contain and the manner in which you use your equipment, they can be employed to recognise the user.

2. What types of cookies does this webpage use?

Technical cookies and personalisation cookies. The former allow users to browse through the webpage and use the various services offered on it, while the latter allow users to access the service within certain predefined general characteristics. Cookies are used for language, content management and ticket and product purchasing tools.
Analysis cookies: these are ones which, whether because they are processed by ourselves or by third parties, allow the number of users to be counted and the usage that browsing clients make of the service to be measured and analysed statistically. That is why browsing habits are analysed in order to improve the range of products or services on offer.

3. Way of deactivating or eliminating cookies.

You can allow, block or eliminate the cookies installed on your equipment by configuring the browser options on your computer.
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If the cookies are not accepted, the webpage may not be working properly.

4. Information on the identification of the user of the cookies.

The information obtained via the cookies is processed by FUNDACIÓ LES FORTALESES CATALANES FPC, and, for the part of the website that pertains to it, by ISOLUTIONS. Provision of the analysis services has been outsourced to Google Analytics, where, by following the link, you can access their legal conditions.

There may also be complements from other suppliers, whose links you can follow to find out their legal conditions regarding their particular cookies: